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2018 Beijing Essen Exhibition invites you to visit
Date: 2018-04-09 16:06:32
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To all distributors (agents) and welding industry friends:

Thank you very much for your long-term support for our company. At the arrival of Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair , we sincerely look forward to your visit and await your arrival. Sichuan Marui Welding Co., Ltd. will soon take the latest and most technical products to participate in this Essen welding exhibition.

The exhibition information is as follows:

Exhibition Name: The 23rd Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair 2018

Exhibition address: Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center (Dongguan)

Exhibition time: May 8-11, 2018

Our booth number: 3D257

Exhibition Website:


This time, our company will exhibit and demonstrate the following products:

1, DSP-500TG3 high-speed pulse MIG machine, welding carbon steel, stainless steel

2, DSP-500DG high speed pulse MIG machine, welding aluminum magnesium, aluminum silicon

3, DSP-500DG2 high-speed pulse MIG machine, welding aluminum

4, Tractor + DSP-500TG3 High-speed Pulse MIG Machine, Automatic Swing Weld 12mm Carbon Steel Plate

5, MZ7-1250 MZE-1250 double wire arc submerged arc welding machine

6, MZ7-1250 MZE-1250 Three wire submerged arc welding machine

7, RSN-2500 RSN-1250 stud welding machine

8, NB-200M welding aluminum plate

9, LGK-120 cutting 60mm carbon steel plate


All sales network personnel and welding friends are welcome to visit the MORROW booth to observe and test welding. At the same time welcome to the company's site visits, consultations, negotiations, we will fully provide you with the best service and equipment solutions.

Headquarters address:NO.536,2 section of Konggang First Road ,Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone,Shuangliu,Chengdu,China
Fax: 86-28-85745013
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